Actor / Producer / Writer / Nerd




Coffee. Shonda Rhimes. Red Wine. Hermann Hesse. Food. JM Barrie. Snow. Thunderstorms. Laughter. Brie Cheese. No, All Cheeses. Travel. Anime. Giving Back. Accents. Family. Buster Keaton. X-Men. Restaurants. Autumn. Crossword Puzzles. Brunch. Adult Peter Parker. Walks. Ice Skating. Reese's. Sarcasm. Orphan Black. Hats. Candy Crush. Li Gong. Final Fantasy. Books. Antiquing. Layering. Dogs.


A proud native of the Garden State, Olivia is a graduate of Dartmouth College  – the first in her family to get a college degree – and went on attend LAMDA. Following that, she set off to teach Shakespeare in Bosnia & Herzegovina with the nonprofit Youth Bridge Global. It was through that experience that Olivia saw firsthand the impact art – whether it visual or performance based - can have on even the smallest of communities. That experience was also her first taste at real world producing. And she loved it.

As an actor/producer/writer, she is lucky and proud to say all of her films and series have been to festivals; and a few have found successful distribution deals. Both her dramatic and comedic work has been recognized for awards and she recently won Best Actress in a Feature Film at the Endless Mountain Film Festival.

She loves all things “genre” (Orphan Black...Firefly...Black Mirror anyone?) and strives to be a part of off-beat stories with compelling characters that keep viewers coming back. As a producer, she is determined to bring high concept ideas to life on low budgets - with the hopes of wide exposure so that markets thirsty for high-quality content can get it. Thus came her debut series - Here We Wait (featured on SeekaTV and in USA Today, Geek.com, Tubefilter, 7th Matrix, and more). She recently completed the comedy series Growing Nowhere and the 1950s era film Following Gemini. She is currently in pre-production on a film she wrote to be produced in Portugal.

She hopes to one day be on a panel at NYCC and walk around in disguise the whole weekend. Olivia is now based in Los Angeles but loves traveling for work.